Thursday, July 30, 2015

Links to More Information About Windows 10

This column will appear online Saturday, August 1, 2015 at 9 AM EST.

When it is posted, it will be at this link.

It is available before in the July 31 issue of Prince William Today on sale at these retailers beginning this Thursday, July 30th in the afternoon.

As this column comes out, I have Windows 10 on my personal laptop.  I'd "Reserved" a copy using the Windows icon that appeared on everyone's Window 7 and 8 and 8.1 home installations several weeks ago.

Tuesday morning, I noticed that Microsoft had downloaded the upgrade files to my PC, something I'd agreed to when I reserved my copy.

Wednesday morning I was prompted to perform the  upgrade.  It took about an hour and went painlessly.  I blogged about it at the time.

And after using it for half a day Wednesday, I shared my first impressions.

Links about Windows 10 :

This is the first column I wrote about Windows 10 back in June :  Introduction to Windows 10 Family Tech column.

The best source for information on Windows 10, besides Microsoft itself, is Paul Thurott's Super Site for Windows..

One good one is a post on everything  about Windows 10 from installation to personalization.

As you would expect, Microsoft has a host of Windows 10 information online.

And WinSuperSite have a good handle on who gets free upgrades.

With a full year to upgrade, you are under absolutely no pressure to upgrade now.  Lifehacker had a great post on who should upgrade now.

Windows 10 has gotten one piece of bad press of charges it shares your WiFi passwords.  That's not quite the truth.  This article explains.

Remember, before you upgrade, make sure you have backed up your important files.  If not a full backup, at least copy to USB those documents and files you cannot get easily from another source.  Things like your photos, your work and school papers, legal, financial records etc.

Two columns and a lot of blog posts may seem excessive.  Windows upgrades do not come along often, and I think it fair to assume many of Family Tech readers use Windows.

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