Thursday, February 19, 2015

Links for Radio Shack

Radio Shack Catalogs 1939-2011

The 1981 Radio Shack Computer Catalog (or, how I made my living in 1981)

A 1991 Radio Shack Flyer.  Every device on this page is replaced by a modern smartphone.

A 15 megabyte hard drive, selling for $2495.  I sold a lot of these.  At this cost per megabyte, a
two gigabyte USB drive would sell for $332,666, not the $5 they are.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Links for Feedly, Pocket and other productivity apps

FeedlyWebAndroid IOS
PocketWeb AndroidIOS
Instapaper       Web      Android    IOS
Keep Web Android

See the post below this one, for a column from last October about ToDo Lists Apps.

Productivity Pack (Limited Time - may have expired - Still good February 4th)

Family Tech Column : To Do List Apps

I am a second generation list maker.  I’m such a list maker, that one of the first programs I ever wrote for a PC was to keep track of the tasks I had to do on my job.

When commercial software began appearing, I always looked at every To Do task manager that came along.  I even worked for ten years for a company selling project management software; the ultimate in task management programs.  They can track the millions of tasks it takes to build a Boeing 777, as one example.