Thursday, April 25, 2013

Links for April 25, 2013 - Wifi

Links for Family Tech first published April 25, 2013 - WiFi

WiFi extenders [Amazon Affiliate Link]

To create a QR Code for guests in your home to scan to use your wifi, go this page.'

In the "Select ode Action" chose "WiFi Action".  Note: you may have to scroll down.

For SSID, enter the name of your WiFi.

Password, enter the password for your Wifi.

Network Type: choose from the drop down list the same security you set up on your Wifi routers Admin pages.

Finally, click the "Generate Code" button.  Up pops a graphic.  Right click on it to save it to your PC so you can print it out for your guests.

Here is an article about this process.

 [Amazon Associate Link] = If you buy during this session, you pay the same price as you would at Amazon, but I receive a small commission.

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