Monday, December 10, 2012

Welcome to

With the closing of the News & Messenger, the home for Family Tech since 2009, I've started

My intent is to continue Family Tech with a new column each week.  I am exploring a few different outlets for Family Tech.  When one or more of those are chosen, links to them will be here on

And if there is a gap between the closing of the News & Messenger and a new home for Family Tech, then the intervening columns will be published here.

And this site will be the future home of the Links mentioned in each column, starting with the New Year.

And, if I have more to say about a topic, or thoughts on a topic after the column is published, those will be here too.

I'll miss the News & Messenger.  It is always sad to see a newspaper close, especially one that has been part of this community for 142 years.  I wish all the former employees there good fortune in the future.  I have enjoyed working with them.

Meanwhile, the Family Tech column will continue.  I've enjoyed writing it, and interacting with you, the reader, and hope these relationships can continue.

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